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Art Piece "Some Bull"

The Longhorn bull is a color and graphite pencil Art piece.
39 x 67
title: "Some Bull"
done 9/16/21
This is the latest gargantuan art piece to date. At the framers the manager said they never in their 30 + years they have never done a large wide piece. The piece is 58 h x 67 w has some weight in cased in fiberglass. It's so long because it is a longhorn bull and its the horn I wanted the focus be.
I Just clear my showroom wall of the gallery that this will be displayed in just for this ginormous piece. The framers said it broke their records as it was painful to put together and I told them I will do better and bigger next time--lol 
Making the some bull project 
With fine lines and shading the bull is graphite pencil
By adding colored pencil, the slight shade of brown huge that give more contrast and appeal to the eye.
Finding the perfect balance between in the gray scales of the graphite and shades of brown, I find the bull coming to life. It all came together just right for me just like the inspiration when I first saw the Texas longhorn and the long dominating horns. The horns, the bull this is what I wanted to capture. Art piece well done with some bull.