Nathaniel Brown

Nathaniel Brown

                        Professional Fine Artist

                                 Artist Statement

I have studied, sold art, and taught the arts for over 40 years. I refined my skills through the tag programs in Portland when I was in high school, attending classes at Chemeketa and other community colleges, and most recently, volunteering to teach youth art classes. I have also done graphic design for 20 years. Which included illustrating children's books and designing and painting murals.

I previously owned and ran The 3rd Easel Gallery and was a local resident artist in Stayton Oregon for 2 years. Now works as a professional fine artist and owns Boopher Arts Studio in West Virginia. I do paintings, portrait drawings, shows, classes, and demonstrations. My main focus is portrait drawings using graphite and colored pencils.


Like many artists, I am constantly inspired by the world around me. I always feel compelled to express my emotions using visual mediums.


I love to draw faces because each person is unique. I focus to capture their personality and presence as well as their physical attributes in the artwork. I pour my heart into every piece. I believe that everyone has an inner artist, but many people are hesitant to attempt art because they feel they are not good enough. When I teach, I focus on helping young people accept themselves as artists, while secondarily providing instruction to improve their own technique.

My vision is to have art accessible to all: where everyone can receive a high-quality art education and learn to express themselves through the beautiful language of art. I want to take what I've learned and give it to others. I enjoy watching young people grow as artists.

*The infinite essence of people’s faces and souls, I’m driven to capture the divine. 

  ~Nathaniel Brown


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