Don White

Don White









Raised in the lush Columbia River Gorge, Don was fortunate to be surrounded by inspiration since childhood. As a self-taught artist, his first creative passion was simply pencil on paper, sketching out portraits of his classmates for weekend spending money. His creative path has included some illustration work, including for his own book, A Plymouth Pilgrim.

While he's enjoyed working in pen and ink and acrylic landscapes, for twenty years his creative energy has mainly focused on pyrography – burning images onto wood with specially heated tools.

Among his creative heroes are illustrators Gustave Doré and Maxfield Parrish, and author John Steinbeck.

Don is currently writing and creating from his home in rural Marion County, and is infinitely grateful for the support of his wife and family.

What I love about pyrography is the collaboration between the artist and the wood. The wood brings its own design, texture, and hues, and the artist burns images with beautiful sepia tones reminiscent of early photography.

-- Don White