Beauty from Ashes Art Show




Beauty from Ashes Art Show

with Paul Toews Art Gone Wild Studio

November 14th, 10am -8pm Marketplace at The Grove 351 N 3rd Ave, Stayton, OR 97383

You are cordially invited to this one of kind
events, where art,
music, and Storytelling collide.

Music By: Blues Guitarist Dr. Bill Hughes
will be featured at 6pm
Interspersed with stories from people
of the Canyon Fires

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Stop by friends! November 14th at 351 N. 3rd ave. Marketplace at the Grove/Stayton. Read the fine print. All are welcome! I did mail some personal invites. If any of you did not get one, that doesn't mean you are any less welcome. Time and the results of records burnt in the fire are to blame. Grin.
We will do the best at being safe. Please wear masks and respect distances marked on the floor. If there is a crowd, which I hope there is, we may have to ask that each limit the time spent in any one area. It has the possibility to be awkward but I rather think the whole evening will be a hoot intermingled with heartfelt compassion for our friends from the two canyons.
So come by, listen to a story or two, let Bill Hughes touch you with his musical gifts and just be moved by a bit of community celebration.
~Sincerely. Paul



           Western Redcedar Table                       Bigleaf maple Standing decor