Geronimo Clark

Geronimo Clark

Navajo Nation Artist


Geronimo's love of art began when he was a small child.  It is a love that has continued through out his entire life.  In 1989, he was finally able to pursue art as a full time career.  Since then, he has painted murals, designed a DAR memorial, was the commemorative artist for the Oregon Covered Bridge festival, and did several pieces for the Salem Friends of the Feline

Geronimo has had his work shown in Galleries from New York City to Germany.  He has owned his own Art Gallery and did commissions for the Stayton Historical Society of historic building in town and did the same in the City of Aumsville.  He has done many pet portraits and human as well.  He also has a Native American Drum that he painted, hanging in the World Peace Center in Jerusalem. 

Geronimo has been working on new techniques of sculpting hide, trying different types of imagery but always finds himself returning to Neo-Native art he does so well.   When drawing, he uses no models or visual props. 

His art stems from the visions he holds in his mind derived from the old stories he has heard growing up from his Father and Grandparents and from being raised with traditional Navajo values.


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