Nathaniel Brown3

Nathaniel Brown

Nathaniel has studied, sold art, taught the arts for over 30 years.  He refined his skills through the tag programs in Portland, attending classes at Chemeketa and other community colleges, and most recently, volunteering to teach youth art classes.  He did graphic design for 20 years.  He has also illustrated children's books, and designed and painted murals. 

He now works as a freelance artist and owns Boopher Arts Studio in addition to The 3rd Easel Gallery.  He does paintings, portrait drawings, shows, classes and demonstrations.

His focus is portrait drawings by using graphite and colored pencils.   He also volunteer in Stayton’s "Revitalize Downtown Stayton" (RDS) Design Committee, standing in as an art consultant for the 2020 RDS Design Committee summer project in downtown Stayton. He is designing and painting mini-cartoons on the sidewalks.  The RDS committee hopes to bring in more art, like murals, into the downtown area, further beautifying to the city. 

Like many artists, Nathaniel is constantly being inspired by the world around him. He feels compelled to express his emotions using visual mediums.

Nathaniel is drawn to faces because each person is unique.  He captures their personality and presence as well as their physical attributes in his work.  He pours his heart into every piece.  

~The infinite essence of people’s faces and souls, I’m driven to capture the divine. 

  ~Nathaniel Brown