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Beginning Drawing 2022


~Class by Nathaniel Brown

Welcome to the foundation of drawing. This is class will focus on the groundwork and upon the simple wireframe of your drawing. We will learn brushes, stroke work, styles, and some terminology. Whether you are new to art-making or an accomplished artist, taking this painting class can help explore and refine your artistic ability.


Nathaniel will encourage you with your drawing skill and style and will help you grow as an artist.  He will teach you about drawing techniques including, scale, contour, and shading to achieve 3-D drawings.  He will also work with students on observation to help them develop their artist's eye.

Preferred age 5 grade on up or art portfolio

Location: 3rd Easel Gallery 349 3rd N Ave. Unit A Stayton, Oregon  


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Mission of the Class


Classes begin on Every Friday, April 15 @ 5 pm-6 pm Ends: May 14 th 

Students will be studying Foundation skills in observation and illusory drawing techniques and terminology. Putting skills to the paper.


A step-by-step pencil drawing course teaching artists how to draw an animal or person.

By the end of term student would be encouraged to finish one piece of art work Done.



Classes are $120 per session.



Every Friday, April 15
May 13      5-6pm   


What to Bring or buy?.

Should you go cheap with art supplies?

With graphite pencil you canYes

Sketch pad? No Get good Drawing paper pads..

Then what should I get?

Supplies recommended: 

Drawing pad size:  8X10, 11X14 good size

Drawing pencils, specifically designed for sketching, portrait, and figure drawing:


  • 12 Grades of Graphite: 2H HB B 2B 3B 4B 5B 6B 7B 8B 9B 10B 

    • Woodless soft Pencils Packs
    • Pro Art Sketching Pencils Packs
    • White Eraser or Gum Erasers
    • No Pink Erasers

    *If you just have a basic number 2 pencil that will be fine.

    Shopping list:



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