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Acrylic Paint Class Signs Ups

Acrylic Paint Class Signs Ups

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~Class by Nathan Brown

Welcome to Happy Clouds painting. Background, clouds are the fundamental starting point for the world you live in. That's right, this is your world and your painting.  Then come trees, water birds. This class will focus on the groundwork of your painting. We will learn brushes, stroke work, styles, and some terminology. Whether you are new to art-making or an accomplished artist, taking this painting class can help explore and refine your artistic ability.

Nathaniel will encourage you at your skill or style and will help you as needed.  With an engaging style, he will teach about painting techniques including, scale, contour, and shading to achieve 3-D painting.  He will also work with students on observation to help them develop their artist's eyes.

Preferred age 5 grade on up


 Saturday, April 16
May 14th

  Art Teacher Nathaniel Brown info.  

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