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Blue Rose-“Luminous Blue Rose” art piece

Blue Rose-“Luminous Blue Rose” art piece

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This art piece is titled: “Luminous Blue Rose” 

The original is 22” x 22” with a Colored pencil

The inspiration and meaning behind the “Luminous Blue Rose”.


              The  Ode to the “Luminous Blossom blue rose"

                         The Blue Rose has no thorns.
                         Blue Rose love cannot be hurt.
                      The Blue Rose is eternal. It cannot die.
                           It will never wilt nor shed a petal,
                               but always be in half bud.
                                         It is forever.
                  The light of Blue Rose is pure, as love is pure.
                         The light is the reflection of heaven.
                        It is a heavenly rose, bound in heaven.
                    Once given to another, the love is bound.
                          The Blue Rose is from the heavens.
                          It must always return to its source.
                                 Cometh the Blue Rose.

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