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Boopher Arts

Nome Eskimo Native Mother and baby

Nome Eskimo Native Mother and baby

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Title: ᐊᓈᓇ “anâna”
~Inuktitut language “ Mother “

-18x20 Gray scale graphite composition
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History of Nome The Nome Eskimo Native Tribes of Alaska

Native Peoples of the Nome area have lived on the Seward Peninsula since time immemorial. Nome's unique cultures and languages have experienced considerable changes, but continue to thrive and develop today in the community of Nome, Alaska.

The Inuit women through tribal history were expected to follow certain practices than the men and were predominantly in charge of intra-family concerns, such as caring for little children, taking care of the kill (conservation of meat, cleaning of furs, and the like), the sewing of clothing, fire keeping in the qulliq.

The Nome an extreme change of tribal history with post-World War II, the northern regions were increasingly incorporated into the Cold War. Their traditional ways of living were increasingly constrained and eliminated, with no provision made for the transition for the Nomadic life in the first half of the 20th century and they had to adapt to the new western world.

This drawing, even though is based on an original photo it is a recreation of my interpretation.

Like many artists, I am constantly being inspired by the world around me. I feel compelled to express my emotions using visual mediums.

I am drawn to faces because each person is unique. I try to capture their personality and presence as well as their physical attributes in my work. I pour my heart into every piece.

Enjoy the beauty of my works of art.

*Original negative created by B.B. Dobbs (Dobbs 346). Printed by Lomen Bros. with added Lomen Bros. Studio signature and number. PH Coll 328.542
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