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Custom Portrait Drawings

Custom Portrait Drawings

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A realistic and beautiful pencil portrait of a loved one makes a great gift and can help you save the person not only in your mind but also in your heart.

These are made-to-order custom portraits and depending on demand, may usually ready to ship within one week. If your order will take more than two weeks to produce, I will notify you before beginning production.

There are 4 sizes available:

  • 11 x 14 in $150
  • 16 x 20 in $160
  • 18 × 24 in (46 x 61 cm) $200
  • 24 x 36 inch (60.96 x 91.44 cm) $700
  • $50 per head or over 3 it's $10 dollars off
  • +ADD Companion (dog, cat animal) ONLY excel to 18x 24                                      $40 or over 3, it's $10 dollars off go HERE for variant: Animals Portraits

Pricing varies by size and number of faces I also offer several optional add on:

  • Super Hero outfit ( add on a custom outfit of a superhero of any kind )
  • Custom outfit:                                                                                                       Don't like the clothes you wore in the photo? With reference, add on a custom outfit.
  • Background:                                                                                                             Keep the background in the photo or a custom background with a reference.
  • Flare:                                                                                                                         Add names with custom fonts, hearts, a touch of color, so on. Whatever you can dream of.
An HD digital copy along with the rights to produce prints of the work is available for purchase. If you would like additional features such as a background, personalized emblems, or a swatch of color, feel free to contact me.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you send me a high-resolution photograph. This allows me to produce a more detailed product. You may send me your photograph before ordering and we can discuss the details of your order. Contact me here.
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