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Boopher Arts

Drawing of Shay Steam Locomotive No.11

Drawing of Shay Steam Locomotive No.11

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Title: "Shortline"
24 x 36
Medium: Graphite

Shay Steam Locomotive No.11 was built in the 1800’s. She rode down the line with her through a lumber town called Cass of West Virginia in the early 1900’s. She would take cut logs where they were processed for use by paper and hardwood-flooring companies throughout the United States. Shay locomotives were built in the 1800's Cass has 5 which are all still in use. This is so rare because the engines typically need to be completely rebuilt every 34 years, but the machine shop at Cass is composed of a brilliant team with all the needed skills to keep these historic engines running. The Shay No.11 which is still in use today has been running for 115 years, which makes it the oldest operable Shay in existence (

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