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Boopher Arts Studio

Sitting Bear /Set-angya /Set-ankeah

Sitting Bear /Set-angya /Set-ankeah

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Title- " Sitting Bear "
16 base x 44 tall
Medium- Graphite composition with colored pencil rubbed in.
Wood- Maple sealed

About Sitting Bear: Satank (Set-angya or Set-ankeah, translated as Sitting Bear)[1] was a prestigious Kiowa warrior and medicine man. 1800-June 8, 1871. An able warrior, he became part of the Koitsenko (or Kaitsenko, Ko-eet-senko), the society of the bravest Kiowa warriors. He led many raids against the Cheyennes, the Sacs, and the Foxes. As the white settlers' importance increased, he raided settlements, wagon trains, and even army outposts. ~wiki

A sad end to this grand warrior during the Trial of Satanta and Big Tree but honor 
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